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Zongldak City Of Trkey for Mannheim’s notion of the nattached intellectal, Marx and Lenin wold say, is the most essential, legitimizing comonent of his ideology It clearly rotects the interests of intellectals, the merchants of ideas For intellectals wold not be taken seriosly and cold not easily ractice their trade were their stdies erceived as wholly selfserving endeavors Shold we then deny that intellectals, along with all others gros and individals, can gain objectivity and netrality in their views Are all olitical theories that we might formlate or sbscribe to simly biased derivations of or own economic, ethnic, religios, or gender interests Regardless of how mch we aim for trth and how imartial we strive to be, is everything that we think and say abot society and olitics eqally ideological Can anything we say or do rise above the self-serving rejdices that arise ot of articlar social identities 224 thinking olitics There are no wholly satisfying answers to these qestions Nevertheless, we may work throgh the dilemmas they ose by recalling the insights and excesses of the man who coined the word ideology De Tracy rightly observed that langage is a very owerfl medim, that or ideas and behavior are in large art formed and transformed by the words we se to describe orselves and or world Yet de Tracy mistakenly soses that we cold develo a niversal and netral langage to describe social and olitical life objectively Zongldak City Of Trkey 2016

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