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Sk3ne. E65. fjjl 16,850. @00 H St Knuts Torg, 0411-57 76 81.

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In ystad the impact of Danish rule and contact with the German Hanseatic League is apparent and the medieval church and monastery communities have also left their mark on the town. Among the many old build-

Apoteksgarden, one of Ystad’s many fine half-timbered houses

ings is the 13th-century Sta Mariakyrkan, where every night the watchman in the tower declares that all is well by blowing his horn. In Karl XII’s Hus on Stora Viister-gatan the warrior king is said to have spent the night in 1715 following his return from Turkey (.35).

Ystad has a number of museums, including Ystads Konstmuseum (Art Museum), Ystads Hantverksmuseum (Handicraft Museum) and a military museum. There is a fine theatre on the harbour-side, the home of the Ystad opera company.

Environs: High above the fishing community of KAseberga lies the stone ship Ales Stenar, The 67-m (220-ft) monument comprises 58 stones and was probably created by the Vikings as a grave or a cult site.

Bollerups Borg, 20 km (12 miles) east of Ystad, is a 13th-century fortress which has been rebuilt several times.

The fort is owned by an agricultural college, but is open to the public.

Sandhammaren is best known for its sandy beaches, but in the past was feared by sailors as new reefs were constantly forming around the cape. The lighthouse dates from 1862.

Svaneholm is one of the few Skane castles which is open to the public. Built on an island in Lake Svanesjon, it was originally a fortress, but was converted into a Baroque castle with magnificent interiors around 1700.

Valleberga Kyrka lies 17 km (11 miles) east of Ystad and is the only round church in Sldne. It has a 12th-century font by Majestatis.

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This nature reserve is awash with rare flowers. The sight of anemones and cowslips blooming in spring is particularly ; spectactular. The area J has lots of walk- jd

J. and refers to the southeast comer of Skane from Ravlunda south to Ystad and west to the Linderodsasen ridge. The land is the most.fertile in Sweden and across the rolling plains are many of the country’s most treasured ancient monuments, grandest castles and forts and oldest churches.

Along the coast, idyllic fishing villages are dotted like pearls on a string and the entire region has become a haven for painters and writers.


Kivik is best known for its annual market and apple orchards, but it is also a charming fishing illage with winding streets and half-timbered houses.


Tomelilla is an ideal vi starting point for a tour of Skane’s rolling countryside. Byagarden, the town’s Tudor-style farmstead, is considered one of the best examples of its kind in the region.

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Length: around 55 km (34 miles). Major roads are of a good standard, but country roads can be in poorer condition.

Places to eat: cafes and/or restaurants are found in most towns. Hammenhog has a typical Skiine inn, ideal for a lunch break. Applets Hus, Kivik, is worth a look.

Simrishamn ®

Old low-rise houses give the town its character. Craftsmen lived around the square, Lilia Torg, and fishermen made their ome by the harbour.


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The evocative 16th-century knight’s manor offers exciting ghost trails and a taste of medieval cooking.


SkSnc. E22 IfiJ 31,600. g 0 0 Q Stora Torg, 044-12 19 88.

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