You Feel Alone With Your Partner On Travel

You never argue Lack of arguments is a common reason for a decline in passion. “People repress their true feelings for an easy life. But without arguments, couples never resolve their differences. Eventually all feelings are numbed,” says Marshall. In our busy lives, it’s easy to stop engaging with each other. Your festive fix: If your relationship lacks intimacy, spend quality time together doing things you both enjoy. “Get a babysitter for an evening [if you have kids], eat dinner together or just turn off the TV,” says Marshall. And try learning to argue effectively. “For a productive argument, blame the behaviour (for example, ‘I get annoyed when you don’t help with dinner’) rather than the person (‘You’re so lazy!’).”

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YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON A SOCIAL LIFE IF: You rarely see your friends, You stay in most nights, You often feel bored

Research has shown that socialising is good for your health, lowering the risk of a range of illnesses. Laughing and letting your hair down on a regular basis helps you make healthier choices and keeps problems in perspective. Plus, your friends can be a really valuable sounding board for life decisions and problems. But when schedules get hectic, catching up with mates is often the first thing to go. Your festive fix: Re-prioritise time with your pals. Plan ahead and organise a night out with a group over Christmas. You don’t always have to think big, either – book in regular phone calls with close friends, and send cards – it’s a great way of showing someone you’re thinking about them. Also, combine socialising with things you already do, like a going for a morning run. Team up with a friend and grab a coffee after.

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