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As she went on living her life and raising her children, Yoshie realised on her 40th birthday that her goal in life was now to achieve something special. With her children growing up and going to school, she found herself with more time to focus on this goal. “I tried sewing, craft making, cooking and baking, which I found myself enjoying but not as much as I could.” Then one day Yoshie found an art gallery only 10 minutes away from her home. “I visited the gallery and ran into a painting class upstairs.

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I talked to the art teacher and fell in love with his way of teaching and guiding each student, so I signed up.” She acknowledges that her art teacher, Kevin Taylor, has been “an amazing, passionate teacher, not only teaching us how to turn our works into masterpieces, but also inspiring us to share our gifts and enjoy our lives with what we already have inside us.” Since that day in February 2011, Yoshie has not looked back. “I have been painting at this class every week and I found myself extremely relaxed and enjoying being the person I once knew. Not a wife nor a mother, but just me! Now it’s about what I have in front of me; a canvas, my artwork, colours, paint brushes and my imagination.” Building on her confi dence in art, Yoshie entered a monthly show at the Royal Queensland Art Society and received the Highly Commended Award in November 2012. In September 2013, she held her very fi rst exhibition, displaying 13 paintings in her hometown of Hokkaido, Japan.

The exhibition was a success, with more than 1000 visitors in six days. In June 2015, Yoshie published a book in Japan titled “Tranquil Dawn”, which she has held exhibitions of original paintings in six diff erent cities including Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka in relation to her book launch. The book recorded bestseller in the art genre in Amazon and bestseller of the week at multiple well-known bookstores in Japan. Always keen to develop her skills, Yoshie participated in John Wilson’s two-day workshop on the Gold Coast in August 2016. “It was very informational and practical in the application of eff ective colour. This is used to achieve depth perception and I applied this technique to my new painting ‘Morning Walk on the Foreshore’, which I entered into the d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards on the Gold Coast and received Highly Commended.”

This was her third time entering this art show and the first time she was awarded. For Yoshie, her commitment to art and developing her skills was finally being recognised. Most recently, Yoshie received an invitation to participate in the Brisbane International Art Festival in March 2018, where she will be exhibiting some of her paintings with three or four other international artists in the Parliamentary building in Brisbane. “I am very thrilled to have this opportunity, as this is going to be a big step in establishing my art career in Australia.” Yoshie has an exciting trip to Scotland planned, in which she plans to use the breathtaking castles, highlands and lakes to inspire her next artistic endeavour. Keep your eye out! On a last note, Yoshie explains what art means to her. “For me, painting is a special gift which lets me appreciate being myself, express my world and share my love and inspiration with other people.”

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