Yesilhisar City Of Turkey

Yesilhisar City Of Trkey for They are, as it were, the key comonents of each ideology’s blic relations strategy Bt ideologies are not simly lies eole make and roagate to rotect their interests and rivileges They are comlex systems of beliefs and vales that eole adot and develo becase they believe them to be tre and worthy, not only for themselves bt for others as well The ower of ideology is that it allows classes of individals to believe that their inherently biased oinions are actally niversal trths Ths ideology is not a devios lan eole systematically create in an effort to secre their interests while covering their tracks Ideology is the natral and largely nconscios otgrowth of lives lived in articlar social ositions within a cometitive social system When Mannheim makes the claim of objectivity for intellectals like himself, he is doing exactly what Marx saw caitalists doing for their class and what Lenin encoraged roletarians to do for their class Yesilhisar City Of Trkey 2016

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