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CAESARIUS of Nazianzus pseudo d. ca. 550. Under Caesarius of Nazianzus’s name are four books of Quaestiones et responsiones on various subjects, theological, philosophical and natural. The unknown author, having adopted the name of Gregory of Nazianzus’s brother d. 568569, found it necessary to use earlier sources. Literary, doctrinal and historical considerations date the works to the mid-6th c., after Theodora’s death 548. Yemen Map Tourist Attractions The author is thought to have been a monk of the Acoemete convent, where religious from different countries assembled: this would explain his very extensive geographical knowledge. He is a very important source for our knowledge of historical geography, the customs of the imperial court of Constantinople and the religious life of the time. CPG 7482; PG 38, 852-1189; O. Seeck, PWK 3 1899 1299-1300; H. Drries, RAC 6 1966 355-356; R. Riedinger, Pseudo-Kaisarios. berlieferungsgeschichte und Verfasserfrage, Munich 1969; Patrologia V, 158; I. Dujcev, La versione paleoslava dei dialoghi dello Pseudo- Cesario: Studi Bizantini and Neohellenici 9 1957 89-100; R. Riedinger, Neue Quellen zu den Erotapokriseis des Pseudo-Kaisarios: J–Byz 19 1970 153-184; Id., Akoimeten, TRE 2 1978 148-153; A. Grillmeier, Christ in Christian Tradition 22, London 1995, 374-379.

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