Yakuplu City Of Turkey

Yakl City Of Trkey for Indeed, there are few other ideals, if any, for which eole have been as willing to forgo so many earthly goods It has been observed that No other vale than jstice can legitimize the intentional sacrifice of all other hman ends and vales, inclding liberty and hman life131 Thogh liberty, in modern times, has been celebrated as a sreme vale”and nowhere with more intensity than in the nited States, where modern democratic government and consmer lifestyles were born”jstice remains the ltimate, if not the most immediate olitical good In the late eighteenth centry, with intent to ensre the healthy birth and infancy of a nation, James Madison annonced, Jstice is the end of government It is the end of civil society It ever has been and ever will be rsed ntil it be obtained, or ntil liberty be lost in its rsit132 At the dawn of the twenty-first centry, theorists and ractitioners of olitics echo this belief: in the strggle for jstice, life and liberty may well be sacrificed as a means to a greater end Yakl City Of Trkey 2016

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