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Wuhan Map for He praised the people of commercial cities like Marseilles and nations like England as disciplined, hard working, moderate, and frugal. While supporting status differences between people of the same country, a situation supported by commerce and luxury, he feared the effects of too much luxury and consumption as corrupting to the classes who enjoyed them. Particularly in private correspondence and diaries, he remarked that commerce was beneath the notice of a great nation and that the avarice of the Dutch (the most successful trading people of the period) was repellent. He felt that too intensive pursuit of commerce had destroyed both Greece and Carthage, saving ultimate respect for the Romans, whom he did not view as a commercial power. In the Spirit of the Laws, he stated that commerce can only exist with democracy as long as it promotes virtue; when too much luxury is achieved, society will become corrupt. Still, his writing is an important component of a body of literature developing in the century before Adam SMITH’s Wealth of Nations that emphasized the sweetness that commerce and trade brought to human association, ideas emphasized by other thinkers such as John Miller and James Steuart. According to such arguments, commerce and trade forced those inclined to behave badly to be civilized out of interest; hence, according to Albert Hirschmann, the most influential interpreter of this literature, commerce led to the victory of interest over passion. Wuhan Map 2016.

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