World travel map: where is it dangerous?

Every so often along river, road or railway line, we shall come to a village, centred around the little church with its characteristic shining spire, and with the school and store. Towns are few and the only city of any size on the N. bank of the St. Lawrence between Montreal and Quebec is the ancient settlement of Three Rivers or Trois Rivieres at the mouth of the St. Maurice river, a left bank tributary of the St. Lawrence. One of the oldest cities on the North American continent, Three Rivers preserves much that is of interest to the vistor as well as being the gateway to the beautiful valley of St. Maurice and the industries that have grown up to use its water-power.
Leaving Montreal on Sherbrooke St., the route follows Hwy. 2 off Montreal Isd. to the N. shore of the St. Lawrence by bridge over the Prairies river.

18 m. Rd. (Hwy. 48) 1. to L‚„Assomptiori, 8 m., whence Hwy. 33 can be followed up into the Laurentians at Rawdon, 40 m.; a C.N.R. branch line gives rail access to Rawdon from Montreal; the village gives access to fishing (speckled trout, lake trout) and game country (deer, black bear, partridge, rabbits); winter sports; beyond Rawdon, Hwy. 18 leads further into the Laurentians to the ski-resort of St. Donat, 76 m. from Hwy. 2. Hwy. 48 continues to Joliette, 24 m. Joliette (pop. 16,064) is the market town for the surrounding tobacco-growing country and on the main C.N.R. line.

The route continues along Hwy. 2 close to the river and lined with farmhouses. 47 m. Berthierville, at the mouth of the Bayonne river; here the St. Lawrence river begins to widen into L. St. Pierre, but the W. end of the lake has several large isds. and mudflats through which the various channels of the river find their way; these isds. lie between Berthierville and the port of Sorel on the opposite bank of the river, with which it is connected by ferry.

Sorel and St. Joseph de Sorel (pop. 20,000) lie on the E. and W. banks respectively of the Richelieu river at its confluence with the St. Lawrence. Sorel is an old-established industrial city with ship-building and iron-tyorking industries, to which have been added rayon and titanium-smelting; it is named after the French soldier Pierre de Sorel, who built a fort at this important strategic point in. 1665, to control the waterway which leads through the Appalachian Mts. from the St Lawrence to the Atlantic at New York. A cairn near the Canada Steamship Lines wharf marks the site of the fort, which was named Fort Richelieu.

From Berthierville, Hwy. 43 runs up into the Laurentian Mts. to St. Michel, 66 m., by way of beautiful and peaceful resort villages such as St. Gabrielde Brandon; St Gabriel has winter sports.
64 m. Louiseville (pop. 4,216). Market town for the surrounding farm country, with a recently acquired textile industry, lying on the r. bank of Loup tributary.

World travel map: where is it dangerous? for C. Penney’s store in Iowa. In 1943, he married Helen Robson, the daughter of a wealthy Oklahoma rancher, lawyer, and businessman. With his wife’s family putting up a major stake, Walton bought a retail franchise from the Ben Franklin variety store chain in 1945 and opened up his first store in Newport, Arkansas. He eventually held more than a dozen Ben Franklin franchises in the south-central United States, almost all of which were located in towns of fewer than 10,000 people. Over the next decade, Walton developed the competitive strategies that he would later implement in the Wal-Mart chain. Regularly checking up on his competitors, Walton made a point of visiting other discount stores to take note of their stock, prices, and displays. World travel map: where is it dangerous? 2016.

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