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World travel destinations for Th is incldes the overarching trajectory of rogression over the corse of centries as well as the imortant twists and trns that took lace along the way Th erefore, before formlating a theory of koan literatre and ractice, this chater rovides a critical overview of the main chronological stages and hilosohical discssions that characterize the nfolding of the koan tradition Th e chater also shows how diverse cltral infl ences, inclding imagery borrowed from legalism, the fi ne arts, folklore, and military strategies, CHATER 2 Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies A Historical Overview Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 37 all managed to infi ltrate and hel shae the constrction of koan writings In addition, the analysis considers the role of schismatic debates Th ese debates, forcefl at times, involved rhetorical strategies in relation to meditative training with koan cases Historical Stages Th e smmary of the develoment of koans resented in Table 21 otlines fi ft een hndred years of history World travel destinations 2016

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