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World map africa for Zen koans are also applicable to the world of professional development involving work motivation and leadership skills attained through polishing and perfecting one’s understanding of interpersonal relationships. In recent years, many ancient spiritual traditions have been mined for insight as to how to deal with complex situations in today’s business and commercial environments. Books have portrayed Jesus as a CEO and Aristotle as the head of a major corporation as well as more minor fi gures ranging from Esther in the Bible to Attila the Hun as models for leadership. East Asian art- of- war strategies, including works like Th e Book of Five Rings by Zen meditator and swordfi ghter Miyamoto Musashi, have also been cited extensively and are required reading for executive boardrooms and military war rooms. Th e main contribution Zen makes to this area of personal growth lies in showing how to follow and when to bend or break the rules of social conventions. As one of the prime examples of the appropriation of the koan tradition for this purpose that was noted in the fi rst chapter illustrates, before he died Steve Jobs attributed much of his success, as summed up in the celebrated motto Th e journey is the reward, to studies of koans as mysterious mental maneuvers when he was struggling early in his career. A reviewer of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple’s most visionary and productive innovator notes, Isaacson does a fi ne job of showing how Jobs’ engagement with Buddhism was more than just a lotus- scented footnote to a brilliant Silicon Valley career. World map africa 2016.

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