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You can’t spot a moose just anywhere. Only a few states can boast a moose population, and outside of Alaska. Maine has the largest, with roughly 75,000 animals. The moose is Maine’s official state animal.

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Despite the large population, there’s no guarantee you will find one. However, there are times of year and day and regions that are best for moose watching.

Moose lend to appear more frequently from May through July, then again in fall during mating season, which is also a good time not to get too close to a bull moose. Largely docile, they will charge if they feel threatened, so it’s best to keep a good distance. Never get between a mother and her calf. Moose are also more likely to be spotted at dawn or dusk, however they are often spotted in the middle of the day in unlikely places. An adult moose moseyed into a Camden office building one summer day a few years ago just showed up for work.

They are out and about at night, so when driving in moose territory, slow speeds and high vigilance are strongly suggested. I hey can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and car collisions with moose are often fatal to the front seat occupants, as well as the moose.

Although their hoofs make them suited to moving through woods and their swimming abilities allow them to spend time in the water, because of their si/e they prefer to move around in open

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