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Winter travel sa for In the ast centry, Zen has become a sorce of insiration with far- reaching imlications for the contemorary era, greatly infl encing intellectal and o lar cltre on both sides of the acifi c What rovides the bridge between classic develoments in the East and their contemorary imact on the West How did a relatively obscre remodern cltral rodct lanched in faraway montain landscaes, as refi ned as this literatre was in the original sociohis- Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 9 torical context, come to exand so ervasively and have an eff ect on modern society throghot the world Th e body of koan rec ords has enabled Zen to interface with diverse sirital traditions in Asia, inclding other Bddhist as well as Confcian, Daoist, and Shinto forms of ractice Th is trend contines in America with the exanding role of immigration across the ocean as well as Western travel abroad, esecially aft er World War II, when enthrallment with the Orient as the hb of global cltral and commercial exchange was bilding By evoking the deths of existential angst in confronting nihilism and nothingness in a comelling thogh detached manner, koans have been interreted throgh a variety of modern ersectives beyond traditional religios ractice, sanning the Kyoto School of hilosohy in Jaan and Beat literatre in the nited States Both movements evoke Zen rhetoric in order to defi ne the meaning of mystical freedom in the modern era Th rogh comlex cross- cltral exchanges, koan literatre now fnctions in American meditation centers and wide- ranging intellectal arenas, inclding schools and niversities, as well as the fi ne and erforming arts In these venes, fascination with Zen dialoges sed as a means of self- examination and self- realization is vigorosly rsed Winter travel sa 2016

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