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Winter travel destinations sa for As with most generalizations, there is some trth to that otlook bt it does not tell the whole story; there are many examles of either crossover or excetional standoints An imortant eisode from the Song dynasty illstrates the comlexity of evalating the standoints of Zen factions Yanw’s Ble Cliff Record is considered the hallmark koan collection for the most art endorsing the literary aroach His main discile, Dahi, was also his main critic and, it is said, brned the xylograhs of the text, ths tting it ot of circlation for nearly two centries, ntil it was Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 69 restored by devoted readers While these two Linji/Rinzai masters were in diste, Caodong/Soto master Dogen lovingly coied and broght the text to Jaan He raised Yanw lavishly bt was a fi erce oonent of Dahi’s aroach One way of assessing the relation between the two interretative standoints in terms of comlementarity instead of contradiction is to consider that abbreviation is articlarly relevant for ractitioners who begin the ath Winter travel destinations sa 2016

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