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CARMEN ad quendam senatorem late 4th c.?. The anonymous composition wrongly attributed to Cyprian and published among his spurious works is an invective in 85 hexameters, directed at a senator with a good literary and philosopical education vv. 3-4: Quia carmina semper amasti carmine respondens properavi scribere versus; and v. 48: Philosophum fingis. Winston-Salem city Subway Map The Christian ex-consul had embraced the religion of the Great Mother. With a series of pressing interrogationes rhetorical device frequently used in antipagan pi¨ces, the poet asks the apostate how is it possible that an ex-consul could be a priest of Isis without covering himself in shame. The god’s effeminate priests, who walked the streets of Rome wagging their hips v. 11-12: per urbem leniter incedunt, did not escape the poet’s sarcasm: using the motifs of contemporary Roman satire against the Eastern cults, he stigmatized the most repugnant aspects of their life. The poet exhorts the apostate to mend his ways and to correct his sin by faith v. 83: Corrige delictum fidamine; fidamine is a neologism, as is vericolae in v. 43. CPL 1432; CPPM 543, 1623, 2163.

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