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NW6 020 7625 4761 © Kilburn Open lunch & dinner daily Willesden Lane in Kilburn is something of a mecca for fans of good, cheap South Indian food, and Kovalam is probably the pick of the bunch. The decor may be humble, but the depth of flavour in its superb Keralan dishes is regal – try the breadfruit curry. Many dishes are suitable for vegetarians.

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Eventually, the child will have an understanding of a world of adults with many different names grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle, teacher, coach, principal. Some are family members who will give you special consideration, and some are not. Piaget described growth in terms of four major periods in which the child takes in and processes information in distinctive ways: the sensory-motor period, the first eighteen to twenty-four months of life, known as the sensori-motor period, the child’s own body, perceptions, and actions are the focus of interest, and the schemes consist of action patterns such as kicking legs or opening and closing hands; gradually, actions become more complex and months later, the child acts to achieve a purpos e reaches to grasp a toy; at the end of the first year, babies come to understand the permanence of objects, meaning babies understand objects exist even if out of the baby’s sight; this concept leads to increased exploration of how objects work and where they might be when they are not visible. the preoperational period from about age two to age seven, children move from immediate experience of objects, people, and whatever is present at the moment to representations or thoughts of what is not immediately present; they can represent what they see or hear with language that increases in number of words and in the complexity of sentences to express thoughts; although children are curious and ask many questions, they pay attention to only a small number of characteristics of objects, usually to Piaget’s theory emphasizes the teacher’s role in organizing a classroom in which children’s way of reasoning is respected and children can have an active role in constructing knowledge. Children on holiday would be given projects and small experiments to carry out in class to promote a greater understanding of the world through active discovery.

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