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Some interpreted the lack of prescriptions as a tacit consent given to divorced men. In any case this disparity was later eliminated, but in a different manner in the West than in the East. In the West, under the influence esp. of Jerome and Augustine, both parties were bound to remain single, whereas in the East both parties were allowed to remarry. Wichita Subway Map By the term docetism we understand the various attempts to explain Christ’s incarnation and passion in a dualistic and spiritualistic way, excluding all that would seem unworthy of the Son of God, a man born of a virgin and without sin. This does not refer to a specific sect, as some heresiological texts might suggest Lampe 379: dokhtai,, and esp. Tertull., Carn. res. 1, but to a tendency to undervalue the historical reality of God’s saving work; it is understandable primarily in Platonic contexts, in which the true realities of the intelligible world were opposed to the apparent realities of the sensible world. In any case, there was a great variety among the so-called Docetists. Those spoken of by 1 and 2 Jn and Ignatius Smyrn. 13; Trall. 9f. disregarded the true humanity of Jesus, the basis of salvation.

Marcion, to exclude any connection between the demiurge and the savior, admitted a heavenly flesh. For similar reasons, Apelles imagined a body like that taken by the angels in their appearances. Strictly speaking, only the Valentinians should be considered Docetists. According to them the Savior assumed only what was to be saved, hence no corporeal substance. Although docetism in the sense explained was characteristic esp. of the heresies opposed by Tertullian Carn. res. and Hippolytus Ref. 8,8-11; 10,16, the temptation to minimize the salvific value of the incarnation, including the inner weaknesses of the man Jesus, would never be absent from Christian theology to say nothing of the risk of exaggerated practical conclusions for the Christian life devaluation of the corporeal values of sexuality and marriage.

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