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Christianity seems to have arrived in Scotland in the late 4th c. with the mission of St. Ninian, who was influenced by Martin of Tours. St. Colomba, also a Scot, came from Ireland on a mission, using the island of Iona as a center 563 597. Wichita Map In the 7th c. his monks, guided by St. Aidan, established a center at Lindisfarne to evangelize the N of England. The church of the Picts united under a single bishop not before the 9th c. The British church came to Brittany with the Christian refugees, whom Gildas describes as fugitives from the country. Breton Christians had contact with the Irish from the 6th to the 9th c., esp. through Columbanus. Only two late-Breton hymns are preserved from British, Welsh or Breton sources. A fragment of Caedmon pastoral poetry from the 7th c. is preserved by Bede. Allegories of animals were popular in the monastic tradition, as was poetry on nature and on the monastic life Mungo at Glasgow. The early Christian writers of Ireland, much more significant for both quantity of production and influence, are treated individually in their respective entries. The vernacular tradition of the Irish church is extremely complex, and its importance is twofold: first, myths, sagas and poems have a strong pagan flavor; and second, there is a literature connected to the rather important HibernoLatinity, which partially coincides with the Christian Latinity of Ireland.

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