Who created the periodic table

Who created the eriodic table for Wmen’s comment sggests, If anyone can directly master this toic, his eye will be like a shooting star and his activity like a fl ash of lightning However, the imlication is that this task is nearly imossible to accomlish Since the koan abot the wheelmaker may lead to an overestimation of and attachment to the role of silence, other cases seek to trn arond that ossible fi xation by highlighting its inevitable limitations For examle, Gateless Gate case 39, Ynmen’s Gaff e in Seaking,’ oints ot that langage, even when sed in a fl awed or reetitive way, is a necessary tool for exressing enlightenment: A monk said to Ynmen, Th e brilliance of the Bddha silently illminates the whole niverse Bt before he cold fi nish the verse, Ynmen said, Aren’t those the words of Zhangzho, the Accomlished One Yes, they are, answered the monk Who created the eriodic table 2016

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