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Where to vacation in sa for Th is imortant connection is based on the tility of koans as an ideal method for attaining and transmitting an nimeded exerience of enlightenment on mltile levels Referred to as cases, since the term initially derived from the legal re ce dents of blic ko rec ords an recognized by the Chinese cort system, the zzling exchanges that constitte the core of a koan make se of an innovative style of rhetoric Th e Zen dialoge is sosed to seem absrd at fi rst glance becase the link between qestion and answer is deliberately disconnected or indelibly broken In the case cited at the beginning of this chater, master Zhaozho gives an inscrtable resonse that frther baffl es an already confsed discile Th rogh the seemingly incomrehensible interaction, a rofond sense of sirital signifi cance srings forth Th e creative constrction of koan rec ords contained in masterfl collections of commentaries and sed in rigoros meditative ractice was the key factor that enabled Zen to scceed as a thriving religios instittion Zen sread throghot East Asia, esecially from the twelft h throgh the sixteenth centry, and has exanded in modern times throgh dissemination to America as a distinctive religios as well as a more broadly based cltral henomenon Where to vacation in sa 2016

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