Where to Travel in the Fall

Where to Travel in the Fall

I’m sweating it’s over degrees. I feel very good advice alright we’re moving somewhere express about here thanks actually is to look for people that are drinking alcohol. So early in the morning it’s like m in the morning and the bar is full different drinks pina colada it’s actually very funny. I find a move it’s a dude that can barely walk like it’s So early. I can’t believe you’re drinking a beer at a.m. in the morning only at the airport but our one minute we are in Detroit already and it’s sunny in d place bye-bye Detroit in the US across the border first glimpse of Canada it’s nice and sunny it’s a little bit chilly but it’s pretty and, I didn’t get a spam and my passport but that’s the whole point of traveling you don’t travel. So I experienced these things you just want to get another stamp in your passport.

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So the blue stem from Canal. So we can have dinner in Toronto we just got change at a gas station these are really cool they’re like gas station centers look at the sunset they’re pretty very nice it’s getting cold actually it’s like green tea latte yes please continue three our restaurant is a reminder that you can go to the observation glass for levels once you finish your meals that is other fare the chip you can see but the floor is moving right here. So we are spinning around all the time. So you get the entire view of Toronto from each angle very cool. So you can see the view are beautiful the could the view you can see the Toronto. So who’s the world’s tallest tower for over years that’s exciting that’s where. I am right now sorry Toronto at night it’s at night everyone has Lamborghini in this town like this one over Umbra babies.

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