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I get this question asked a lot on my blog, “Bro, I want to come to Thailand and train, where should I go?” The answer is it’s a bit different for everyone . The biggest factor is where to train in Thailand? Finding a gym itself is quite easy. Most guys go to Phuket for their first trip, as it has everything: it’s foreigner friendly (you won’t need to speak a word of Thai), the weather is good all year, there are nice beaches and it’s close to nice islands. There are a ton of Muay Thai and MMA gyms to choose from and lots of information on how to my blog a few weeks or longer there. Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket was my first real ‘fight camp’ experience.

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I had trained at Lanta Muay Thai in Koh Lanta but it was more of just a gym and not an experience. At TMT you could live, eat, sleep and train at the gym, making you feel like a contestant on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality series. It was there I met my first UFC Fighters, Roger Huerta and Royce Gracie. I also met one of my current best friends, Nicolas Gregoriades, who was a guest Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach and also happens to be Roger Gracie’s first black belt. While writing this paragraph, Nic just messaged me on Facemy blog – maybe he felt me talking about him: “Bro, I’m very seriously considering spending at least 3 months there towards the end of the year or early next year. You are so, so right. My rent alone here is 1200 dollars a month…I want to write my my blog but I literally don’t have time because I’m always on a train going to work or working or exhausted from work.

600USD per month budget is amazing – I’m saving up so I can just come out there and not have to work, just hang with you and run my online businesses etc. I had a major epiphany the other day – I realized that my life is, and has always been, about the quest for ‘ultimate freedom’” It’s been 4 years since we first met at Tiger Muay Thai. He was teaching a seminar and I stuck around to tell him that he looked like Tim Ferris, my favorite author. Turns out we had a ton in common and became really good friends after that. We traveled to Koh Phi Phi for a weekend vacation, and when it was time to say good-bye, we said instead, “I’ll see you later”. We did. We hung out again in San Francisco, a year later in San Diego and, hopefully, very soon – this year – he’ll pack up his shit in London and move to Chiang Mai. So if you want to live the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show and meet people you’ve seen on TV, then Tiger Muay Thai is the gym that brings the most to Thailand. Phuket Top Team just down the street also has a lot of fighters visiting, mostly from more Asian and Australian based shows. I met and hung out a lot with Will “the kill” Chope while at PTT, as you may recall from the ‘living in a rat-dwelling’ experiment I had. Either way, Phuket is fun and a good choice to go, especially if it’s your first time in Thailand.

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