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Clothing from all the well-known international fashion houses can be found in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg. If you want something rather different, it is worth seeking out the creations of younger Swedish fashion designers. Swedish interior design is famous for its clean lines, functionalism and the use of pale wood, and the country is a paradise for anyone interested in design. Handicrafts are of a high quality. Leisurewear and sports goods offer excellent value for money.


Stockholm’s top places for fashion are in the golden triangle bounded by Sture-plan, Nybroplan and Norr-malmstorg. Clothing at more moderate prices can be bought in department stores and shopping centres across the countiy. GeKas in Ullared and Knalleland in Boras have become popular attractions due to their low prices and large number of stores and factory outlets, not least in the mail-order town” of Boras, with its weaving and textile traditions.

If you are looking for Swedish designers. NK in Stockholm and Gothenburg (305) has a good selection of clothing created by younger designers as well as mainstream Swedish brands. Classic men’s clothing of high quality is designed by Oscar Jacobsson, while Stenstrom shirts are sold in department stores and the more elegant menswear boutiques. Bjorn Borg has his own shops selling men’s and women’s clothing and underwear, perfume and accessories. The designer Filippa K produces smart clothing for fashionable women and men.

Design and Interior Decoration

Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo have a number of interior decoration shops selling the products of young designers and well-known artists. To see the latest on offer, it is worth visiting DesignTorget, which has stores in all three cities displaying designers’ work. Stockholm’s R.O.O.M on Kungsholmen and Asplund

in Ostermalm, and Norrgavel in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Lammhult, are just a few of the shops with the most up-to-the-minute selection of products. Svenskt Tenn is Stockholm’s oldest shop for interiors, with both new and classic designs. Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm has exclusive modern furniture and decorative items, while Bias & Knada on Hornsgatan displays and sells the largest selection of contemporary Swedish ceramics and glass, both objects of art and items for everyday use. Nordiska Kristall on Kungsgatan has a wide choice of Swedish glassware, which can also be found in department stores.

Music and Multimedia

MAny swedish pop bands now have an international reputation. Exciting new talents continue to find their way into the charts, and the latest products can often be bought in the large record shops before they become available outside Sweden. Apart from pop and rock, Sweden has a long folk-music tradition, as well as many jazz musicians and opera singers. MEGA Skivakademien in Stockholm stocks a wide selection of CDs, as do the large department stores.

Sport and Leisure

The swedes devote a lot of time to outdoor sports and activities. With shops all over the country, Naturkompaniet and Peak Performance have an exclusive selection of sportswear and equipment. Stadium and Team Sportia have a varied choice of sports

clothing and equipment at attractive prices and are also nationwide. Good equipment and exclusive clothing for hunting and fishing can be bought at Walter Borg in central Stockholm. Loplabbet countrywide specializes in running and jogging.

Souvenirs and Handicrafts

Schnapps glasses, silver jewellery, hand-painted clogs, Sami crafts, hand-knitted garments, candles, Christmas decorations and wrought-iron products can all be bought in department stores and shops specialising in Swedish handicrafts.

At Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm, visitors can shop for handicrafts in attractive little houses.

Nusnas in Dalarna is the place to buy the original Dala horse, which can be found at Nils Olsson Hemslojd AB.

Yllet in Visby sells hand-I spun wool, woollen garments and sheepskin goods.


Small local markets can be found almost everywhere, but a few have become so big that they have attracted international attention.

Jokkmokk’s winter market (1st Thu-Sat in Feb) is a major Sami market. The Kivik market (mid-Jul) is like an amusement park. Skanninge market (1st Wed-Thu in Aug) is a classic affair dating back to the Middle Ages. Michaelmas markets are held in central Sweden in autumn.

The bustling flea market in Skarholmen, Stockholm, is the place to find a bargain every day of the week. Entrance fee Sat-Sun, free on other days.

Glass and China

Most department stores and gift shops sell glass from Swedish manufacturers. Visitors to the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland have a choice of no fewer than 14 glassworks within a radius of a few miles (pl52-3)- At Orrefors and Kosta, there

qualifications equivalent to the Swedish skipper’s certificate forarintyg are required for taking out larger boats.

There are great opportunities for canoeing, with almost 20,000 km (12,500 miles) of trails on inland waters and around the archipelagos. The website for Kanotleder i Sverige lists 400 tours in Canadian canoes and kayaks, along with canoeing centres and rental sites across the country. For more advanced canoeists, there are plenty of opportunities to try sea kayaks in the outer archipelagos and white-water canoeing on the Norrland rivers. White-water rides are also possible, heading down the rapids in large rubber rafts or up on jetskis.

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