Where To Live In Milan

Chinatown is one of the more attractive neighborhoods for its exotic flavor and wide selection of restaurants, and above all, reasonable prices. Purchase prices for single-bedroom apartments (about 55 square meters) start at ‚150,000. Two-bedroom apartments (about 80 square meters) start at nearly ‚250,000. The neighborhood also has a high ratio of studios (each about 30 square meters), which run in the ‚60, 000 80, 000 range and are usually advertised as investments,  so as not to suggest that the owners might subject themselves to living in such cramped quarters.

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Where To Live In Milan

The Navigli and especially the adjacent Sant'Ambrogio neighborhood are two of the most comfortable residential areas for foreigners. Many of the apartments have been restructured by budding architects and may be on split levels. Expect to pay about ‚250, 000 for a small one-bedroom apartment.

A place to house the whole family, although in luxurious surroundings, will cost at least ‚500, 000 and will often run past ‚1 million. Sant'Ambrogio is certainly the most convenient location in town, well-connected by all kinds of public transport, and even the cathedral is a short walk away ”a good thing, because you won't find anywhere to park a car there.

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