Where Is The Arctic Circle Located On A Map

Trouble With Harry

Perhaps nearly sighting the walrus makes me become too excited. I start speeding over the huge ice bumps, sometimes lifting off as the pressure kicks in; my own polar regions are taking the strain. I start zooming with the ski-doo in long sweeping loops, feeling the power of the ice beneath me, letting the engine aggressively race away. Suddenly I am amongst the rocks and my safety manoeuvres are in vain. I cannot avoid one rocky section and crash the ski-doo into it and it flips over. I am not really hurt, shaken but not stirred, but the undertrack is torn and the ski-doo needs a repair before it can be used again.

I am in disgrace, in the dog house, or is it the bear house? We have been driving away from the settlement for about four hours which means that it will take about four hours to return. Of course it is still broad daylight so we can stay out as long as we like. But we do need to head back, otherwise they might send out a search party if we miss dinner altogether. We shouldn’t be lulled into forgetting we are in the wilderness, far removed from civilisation as we know it.

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Looty spots another ski-doo in the distance and sets off in pursuit to try and enlist help. He returns alone, looking rather dispirited. It was another hunter who is out to catch snow rabbits and has arranged to stay out all night and therefore can’t help us. Somehow Looty gets my ski-doo working but he needs to drive it as it’s playing up and is liable to be temperamental on the long drive back. Now it’s only fair that Fabian and Erik have a ski-doo each, so Penny and I agree to share the sledge. It’s not comfortable but I cannot of course complain, it’s my fault. The winds build up and we try to keep as low as possible to avoid them. We arrive back at about 10.30 p.m. The children are still out playing as usual. Looty estimates the damage to the ski-doo will cost about 340 Canadian dollars and I pay this to him. He insists on signing a receipt, though I have to write it for him.

Again dinner has been left for us pre-cooked and just needs heating. Another group of travellers has arrived, mostly Americans and they are really full of high spirits in more ways than one and we have an enjoyable time exchanging stories. One of the party, Sidney Hendricks, produces his own stamp marker with the words, ‘Pole Expedition, April in Arctic’ and we all stamp it into our passports. Sidney produces a bottle of a famous French wine, Chateau Lafite 1868, which he always carries with him for charity and that he intends to take to the North Pole. The wooden casket has been signed by various people, including Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and Sidney insists I also sign it. I was awarded an honorary colonelship by the Governor of Tennessee for my work in the Arts, so feel the special occasion warrants my signing as Colonel Neville Shulman. Seeing this Sidney forces me to salute everyone in turn; I should have kept my big mouth shut. Still, it’s another small step for Shulman.

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