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Where is Douglas , Georgia for Plus, it is unclear from Revelation what the velocity of the meteors was.Meteor storms are typically related to short-period comets, either Jupiter-family comets orbital period ? years or Halley-type comets orbital period ? years.

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Where Is Douglas , Georgia

However, long-period comets with orbital periods up to , years can give rise to meteor outbursts, and cometary asteroids might also conceivably give rise to meteor storms.David Asher worked out a range of possible orbits for the meteoroid stream that caused the BC Hydrid meteor storm.

Any of the orbits in table could theoretically have caused a meteor storm at the relevant time, radiating from Gamma Hydrae.Hydrid meteor storm if it was observed from Babylon to radiate from Gamma Hydrae hour minutes before sunrise on October , BC as calculated by Dr.David Asher of the Armagh Observatory.

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