WHERE I STAYED IN MIAMI The Betsy Hotel in South Beach

WHERE I STAYED IN MIAMI The Betsy Hotel in South Beach

Oh that’s. So much room yesterday area just for myself. I love this bed mr. totally like my style lovable. And I have about to knee to that’s overlooking a little courtyard here super cute very nice also the best. I mean the bathroom. I said it was that’s it but look how big it is. I love the shower laughing. I took a shower. And just realized almost. I love going on the if. I am. I use awesome. I love being here. And yeah. I do laughs. And I have to show you this dress that. I didn’t tell you but I. So I have become revolve brand ambassador you know that revolt yes that’s exactly. I mean. I like even. So excited. I can’t like like it’s not gonna come across in the Vita girl at all that’s how it’s better. And anyway. So treat this dress. Because I feel like, I’m just going to be wearing it all the time this is. So beautiful look at this is. So pretty. I love the lace Oh lovely. So, I’m going to word. And I’m meeting the hotel owner right now. So she’s going to show me around the hotel. So in committee okay. So, I’m here downstairs for Jonas. And I wanted to tell you something. So when. I was here also used to go with my mom my sister we’re walking down the street just right there. And I saw this hotel. And I was like all of this is. So beautiful looks amazing like total dreams today.

WHERE I STAYED IN MIAMI The Betsy Hotel in South Beach Photo Gallery

So I asked my Christmas photo for main part of town we came inside look at look at. I was like oh like coolest. I love everything collect ourselves totally love something here. And it’s such a like oh do come true like only two years in here Wow it makes okay. So let me show you the logic system wonderful VBA it’s like beautiful beautiful bar. And this is like okay. So the beach is like right there, I’m going to go to the beach in a second. So wonderful some here in a restaurant I’ve never had this opportunity for being arrested that hasn’t even opened with like top chef in the world the wrong princess is living in New York is visiting, I’m designing the doll for the restaurant like this is happening right now that he’s going to be making different seasons of using different go. And deciding this one tastes good. And you just he said if it’s proved that he’s gonna let you try it if not then. I also have to take on crazy. And beautiful, I’m just like learning fantastic hello. And the pieces. And all ready chef Lee Wow oh my god. So pretty this is better than equally I’ve been ranking. And very proud of it as ranking we can go to the best guitar oh really wow. So And New York CA is one of the best ones in the world. So this is awesome oh that’s it is yeah, I’m going to do another one. So you don’t want to eat this one have to make another play okay why of course. I want to try this, I’m a good looking he’s like body movement like. I can never do that wow, I’m like it’s embarrassing to say but, I’m actually salivating right now like. I can feel it wow this ISA is amazing in here a texture that.

I go to this oh wow ah navasana peaceful number five Colleen fennel. And and look don’t we the guy look all that mushrooms this is a vegetarian option well see for number it feels like it because, I’m. So full this is K alright this was like such an amazing mushroom eat them Jonathan the owner. And Betsy oh the cutest here is heated groan she owns this place city beautiful girl she’s here with us summers right after you six pieces here. I can tell you this is gonna be the best piece in Miami people listen closer spoils And So far. I retirement. So just go back to my room after the three Howard’s or almost all about like what an experience honestly I’ve never like I’ve never actually met like an owner of a hotel. And this hotel is like. So perfect. So salon you’ll. So homey. And if a cat is run by a dad. And CSUN. And they have a dog called Betsy. And then they brought me over to like the most amazing friend chef who is just designing the restaurant menu. I mean first like this will never happen like. I would never see coming, I’m. So great. I mean, I’m. So blown away. And be just. So good that honestly if you’re in Miami you have to eat that pizza tell me what you think because this is a pizza like you just saw how it’s all the same design like how it was it was fun it was like a hostel stuff though. So yeah. I can’t wait for tomorrow it’s going to be even more cold morning. I was having for breakfast with my tripod beautiful my breakfast take your organizers lovely hmm. I love Tomatoes like this, I’m now meeting with my Instagram friends at the DAR Mar that’s right here Wow this beautiful drink my beautiful friend tidy cool.

I know for like a year. And a half now. I know that we’re kind of meeting this beautiful place. So we’re just deliberations having pink lemonade, I’m having white wine or was a sparkling wine with up like this little khaki drill let me tell you like we’re helping travel with hair where’s Kylie coming what we doing a beat bottom. So just jump in all right it’s perfect sorry invited Hana. And Kylie to my favorite human place in Miami. And the rejoice Bay because they have the best mojitos it comes with a fresh sugar cane. And if a part about it fresh sugarcane that’s a it looks good the Jonas in Sweden delicious is amazing. So we’ll see how we go. So do it have you tried every ever good right it’s amazing all right we have some dead fish here right here oh my good that is an enormous sandwich from bring to my hand a month this is a Chinese car she’s a Porsche but still be okay. And no judgment but her handbag is much in the interior there’s been you know where Johnson. So that’s how you know you hang out with it the fashions longer versus point no ass oh my god, I’m messing too right no yeah you are yeah. I think you know not as well this would stand out but she’s coming with me to the first round. So we can hang out at the best. Because I love it there. And attendant missus. So we had our lunch at their Cuban restaurant. And I was in back yes back at the Betsy this is our fancy car it’s matches all the fancy cars at the Morgans over here my name is a lot of fancy cars. And the ocean is right there this is the other pod. So this is the other part of who-ville this building in front of us is also the other part of the hotel from here see like right there on the beach this is a little further. And this is we’re connected to her room like an egg on this beautiful selfie. I had a had an ass today at p.m. And I don’t know how but, I’m like two three. So I think. I’ll forget Erica demonic encounters that conserve our nation’s Buddhist beautiful to learn this is a wonderful tamil part salad with eggplant believe it or not this. And wow look at that was amazing this is a masterpiece this excellent YUM. So delicious especially with the salad. And my beautiful review perfection that’s there’s one thing she right there last night was like oh. I guess, I’m silly where to go to. I like to some vegan places as you know. And you want to explore more vegan options but it’s excellent well it tastes.

So good with hearts of warm after you visit any market in five billion places is doing bigger just like amazingly welcome love it, I’m in my happy place someone. I walk. And I was in a walk in that. I came to see us because we believe the moisture is no Widow for my hair. So I need a teasing comb. I don’t usually use a teasing comb but it’s been pretty moist. And my current you need it in mucho mucho. And it’s a little flat over here. So good old CBS gonna say Mia this is defined like one of the biggest two guesses I’ve been to. And I’m just going off from town. I love walking around Miami to come more often I’ve been coming every year. And a half or. So back here. But I haven’t please have me please any jewelry any more people. I love it here love Florida especially bikies Oh alright, I’m safe volume. And lift please. I need those right now in my life the awkward moment when you hear a song that he is in your post. And he’s just done this to you eleven years. And with the service little everyone’s look to me like a weirdo which. I am good rain late day number three here at Betsy. I don’t want to rain. I am now waiting to allamani of the crews are from Italy. I am now waiting for my friend Lisa with an instagramer. And my total girl crush. And someone who inspires you. So much. And she’s arriving from Canada. And she’s going to help me take some photos here check now. And very much looking forward to it super talented Lisa alright. So we’re saying goodbye to this beautiful Red Sea hotels come on Lisa we’re heading for the key this will set to leave the bestie hotel it’s honestly I’ve stayed in Miami four times before this is my favorite myself apart it’s family-owned it’s cute that you have a dog running around this wood is delicious. I love it. And I highly find recover. I going to be back Lisa, I’m scared to come back yeah what happened yeah. And they look you right by the ocean through which have been raining said in the reason that much. But I definitely am planning on swimming in the ocean you have to with our matching one pieces oh that’s right.

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