Hello hello hello Willie this Aguilar and this is traveled her shoes today week two of Monday motivation where. I show you my inspiring ideas for you just still you know give it a thought it’s not a surprise, I’m a giant Tony Robbins fan and, I am NOT a fan of him as a person not liking the group you kind of like oh my god okay maybe a little bit cuz he’s awesome the charisma he has it’s absolutely amazing whenever you around him but also ideas he’s sharing really resonate with me and in the last three months. I was lucky enough to visit two of his events and, I am a proud member of his mastery University which is basically like a three year program or you get to visit a few of these events.


I will be doing on the feejee this year on Thai government’s private islands amazing anyway. So I would like to tell you you know it’s there’s no way in the world. I can fit everything that Tony Robbins shirts with you on these events cuz money minute is like four days and it’s like literally like you can write down every single word he says because everything’s like really inspirational and then they with destinies like six days from until where he’s literally just flooding you with like the coolest most brainy inspiring ideas but he’s one thing right because. I’ll be slowly slowly. I want to keep it short as it as usual one really cool thing that. I wrote out of my beautiful leather journal is time as a resource and it’s the only thing that we all get the same amount of and, I find it very inspiring. I think that. I have as much time as the president of United States or Tony Robbins or an Olympian or a singer like. I don’t like Beyonce and they get to do. So many things.

I feel like the more you do the more productive you are but it’s not about being productive it’s about being present and what you’re doing you know. I I know it sounds very vague but the one thing that really drains me a long term and whenever. I have day or two when, I’m literally just not getting much done is because something really worries me or bother me and, I put a lot of effort and energy into thinking about that thing that worries me instead of really focusing like well. I have hours just like the President of the United States or the poet or always belly Lama and they get to do. So much more than. I do today the only reason is because, I’m putting my energy not not enjoying things but into worrying about things and anxiety about what’s gonna happen or planning or wondering what how could. I make things better in the future instead of thinking okay. I have hours if. I focus it on right now this will work like whatever. I think. I don’t have enough time. I think we all have the exact same amount of time whether we’re breaking World Records or sitting at home. I’ll just leave you with that. I was going to say something more. But I’ll leave it for next week. I thanks. So much for reading make sure you subscribe to my blog for more travel and inspirational posts and, I see me on Instagram because, I’m there every single day at Travel underscore in her shoes also Facebook and flip program in case you know where that it’s a second app for posts. But I post very fun music posts there yeah thank you for reading and have a lovely amazing weekend and, I wish that you will take advantage of your time that you were given today bye.

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