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What to see in hawaii for Modernization theory came under severe criticism in late 1960s, especially from proponents of the DEPENDENCY THEORY who criticized it for being ahistorical, ignoring external economic and political factors, ethnocentricity, unilinearity (all countries will follow the same stages of development as Western capitalist countries), and accused it for being a tautology based on its concepts of traditional and modern. Others criticized it for assuming traditional values and social behaviors to be inherently irrational and obstacles to development. In response, modernization theory was modified and developed by writers in this tradition especially after the 1970s. The new modernization theorists preserved their basic approach in terms of upholding: 1. the national level as the unit of analysis 2. the focus on key internal variables of social values and institutions 3. the key concepts of traditional and modern 4. What to see in hawaii 2016.

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