What NOT To Pack For Your Travel Destination

You do not need everything you normally use with you when you travel. Nothing weighs you down in your travels like too much luggage. It’s cumbersome on public transport, inconvenient to haul across town, and expensive to check-in on flights.

Some items to avoid packing then are:

• Towels all hotels will provide you with towels and facecloths. And if you do stay in a place without towels, buy or rent a towel or two for your stay.

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• Medication bottles you do not need the full amount of all your medications on holiday. Maybe you need to take certain pills or tablets each day, so take enough for each day for your whole trip and maybe one or two spares, in a smaller container. Be sure to label the container with what you put in and dosage information so you won’t forget what’s what.

• Sheets if a bed is so gross that you don’t want your skin touching it, you should probably just spend a few more dollars on a nicer place. And I hate to break it to you, but if bed bugs are your concern, a sleep sheet isn’t likely to protect you. Those little guys will get into your luggage just as easily as your linens. A sleep sheet takes up valuable room in your bag, is a chore to launder regularly, and can’t possibly be comfortable to sleep in.

• High-heeled shoes difficult to pack, they take up a lot of space, and add a lot of weight to your suitcase. Wear sensible shoes, maybe flat sandals and walking shoes or whatever is comfortable and not too heavy.

• Key locks travelers are sometimes forced to cut a lock or, worse than that, damage a bag to gain access to belongings after losing the key. It’s a great idea to secure your zippers to keep your stuff protected, but stick to combination locks ideally, ones with the TSA logo, in case airport security decide they need access to your bag.

• Lots of toiletries you might be really particular about the type of conditioner you use. But after a few weeks on the road, you’ll be even more particular about what takes up precious space in your bag. Resist the urge to pack enough toiletries for your entire trip, and stick to a few travel-size items to get you started.

• Obvious money belt we mentioned them already. Unless they are very discreet and invisible to onlookers, do not bother with them.

• Too many clothes chances are you will not wear all the clothes you take, unless you are very selective and take only a few. Last time I travelled, there were at least a few items I did not wear, so they just made my suitcase heavier for no good reason.

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