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What is the eriodic table for Deshan is also featred rominently in two Gateless Gate rec ords: case 28, which takes lace at the time of his enlightenment exerience nder master Longtan, and case 13, which occrs some years aft er he has become a temle abbot Deshan was known to be king of the Diamond Stra for carry ing in his sack coios notes interreting the Mahayana Bddhist scritre before Longtan demonstrated that these were entirely seless Th en Deshan broght his notes on the stra to the front of the hall lacing them next to a torch, he said to himself, Even thogh yo have exhasted the abstrse doctrines, it is like lacing a hair in a vast sace Even thogh yo have learned all the secrets of the world, it is like a dro of water dried on the great ocean, and he brned all his writings Th e case of Deshan and the old woman revolves arond an additional crcial wordlay concerning the term rice cakes, or refreshments, which are referred to in many Chinese restarants today as dim sm based on Cantonese rather than Mandarin ronnciation, which is dianxin Th e term for these delicacies literally means, ointing to dian/dim the mind xin/sm What is the eriodic table 2016

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