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What is the best vacation for Th e texts aealed to intellectals in China and Jaan as well as Korea, who soght sirital flfi llment throgh interreting elaborate rhetoric related to mysterios metahysical exchanges In addition, koans have long been the main object of attention in Zen meditation Contemlating koans in Zen Bddhist ractice reqires refl ecting on the signifi cance of an enigmatic conversation to the oint of exhasting the caacity of the rational mind and the CHATER 1 Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans Classic and Contemorary ersectives 8 exressiveness of seech to comrehend and exlain the meaning In that way, a realm of transcendence beyond ordinary thoght and words is disclosed From the standoint of meditation, the vale of koans is fond not in terms of fl ent rhetoric Rather, it is revealed throgh a drastically abbreviated and crytic style of discorse that highlights the vale of minimal verbiage or even fll silence Th ere is an nderlying link between these seemingly inconsistent aroaches to the qestion of whether the literatre shold be emhasized and elaborated or, instead, shold be abandoned when the se of words detracts and distracts from the ath to realization What is the best vacation 2016

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