What Is Coron Really Like Palawan Island The Philippines


Wow look at that awesome glove. And I think, I'm not saying that people raise their na PD face yet like is not great time to get some breakfast for you. And compete oh here's something this is an amputee dome this is monk back then we have the chicken menudo something very traditional here wooden certainly knows for sure. So excited.

So looking at what.

What Is Coron Really Like Palawan Island The Philippines Gallery Photos

What Is Coron Really Like Palawan Island The Philippines

I picked out all the veggies from this dish what is it called again it's called athlean-x bin peanut but yeah. And then there's this is Filipino to put you through this is say again what is green stuff oh yeah very cool you have the European option but you also have like waffles or American.

I should say. And but on top of that there's like a lot of Filipino which makes me. So happy.

Because I always feel like whenever you stay in a nice hotel if you like you're in your own bubble but this is great. So quiet everyone go out motivate views it harridan oh this is amazing. I can't believe how greatest view is.

I love the idea of swimming on exhale this look at this view. So pretty simply thank you Media stain let's just we start with the passive people in time for the recipe you should be you should be careful we made it to the steps Alton but actually steps. I like the generalization.

But I get it no, I'm not driving, I'm just telling the old a three.

And then we're going to climb it up. And apprentice a nice view of chrome. And I'm a little more miserable than now on the water side the thing is they're like steps right now.

And it is already good we're considering how much better would it get really before to turn around. And good how are you that's awesome like it's the sweating. I feel like it's just bad treatment cardio spa treatment look up look we are.

So now. And that's where the sign starts right here. And this looks like Hollywood sign you'll see in a second actually there is how.

I feel like we totally hope it is this is a very party mode barn here. And distil a resort that we're staying in, I'm editing photos. Because I can always ensure all the bugs they have taken but if you can ever person to my oh my god of your life is awesome if it is but it involves for me four or five hours a day of work.

So you can see. And then pretty photos those photos editing it. I am NOT an expert, I'm learning.

And I'm doing next three or four versions of every photo just to see what it looks like. And I think it takes me like half an hour an edit one photo. And the reason, I'm saying edit it's kind of like bringing it back to how beautiful is in reality.

I feel like this music is very loud we're this hotel here at school a garden resort. And my tomato. And zucchini salad looks like tomato.

And zucchini but it's So flavorful. I don't know what it is this is like literally blown away Mike it's like off. So happy fantastic fantastic.

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