Good morning the beginning. I want to apologize my sleepy face I’ve been. So jet like recently that. I I realized how cpi-m. But I decided to do daily blogs I’ve been traveling. So much that. I feel like it can never catch up with editing. So I decided to actually just record very real baby blogs that would seem like instant story just. So you can see my day by today whenever. I travel. I just woke up last night it was super boring. Because I just arrived last night in in Mesa which is very nice this is my beautiful. But I love this lighting. I want to get photo in a second, I’m saying you’re at Hyatt Regency in Nice. And we have one of their beautiful ocean view suite which is sweet. I love this view. I took my mom with me she’s she’s never been to a French Riviera. And yeah. I want to show you because it’s a beautiful box going to take a look yeah. So they come up this is where we’ll be having breakfast in a second right there. And then. So the louder the beginning is to hang up. And I’ll show you my stew week for a second sort of mess because we’re unpacking but it’s So beautiful not that mmm can’t wait to be there. And right after breakfast.


So in about an hour breakfast time oh my view it’s amazing. So pretty Bojo Wow for a saucer oh but there you go. I love when they have green juice for breakfast let’s see what they have bread will hang up some bread. And some cheese or could be looks amazing Wow three content with the shipment this is my breakfast number three, I’m going to have some fresh croissants with jams. And yeah as. I show you my view yes. I think. I did like Maya sometime cuts right, I’m. So pretty ooh we’re leaving the hotel p.m. at ni Heston p.m. High Times oh. So proud. I love love everything. So far beautiful love the architecture. So actually the hotel were saying it the Hyatt is from. And actually our room is right there through part of the original facade okay let’s cross the street to return to the beach right now all right. So we just got to the old town of nice. And I am totally drooling over every single building they’re all like typical French building. And yeah. I actually have been to meet one million years ago. And I don’t remember it looking. So nice. And cute. And boutique style. So take a look, I’m going to show you look at this building right here super pretty like you know great the entire oven nice little cafe a short walking distance from the ocean. And people having lunch look at this lady right there she looks expecting right here on the balcony. I am in my happy place in Dubai it was a. And trans it would be Olive look at that first fish please just take a look at the cheese right here oh wow look at that STIs a lot to choose from. And some meat. And Kumtor tell me what it is but you see can you get to try the some flavors, I’m going to go for the red one delicious they’re kind of kind of a pesto hmm look at that okay. So this is garlic but tickle time very Tomatoes oh my goodness I’ve never seen it like that before awesome okay the awkward moment when you go to a restaurant Gordon French from a French menu.

And I didn’t realize that. I ordered push you with dollars awesome Oh Cornell you still have to give it to my mom oh my goodness look how pretty English from an ass on the. So much for ice cream right now No our food arrived htm’. And sra p.m. And which is that some teens orgeous is my mum’s mojito that’s provincial but you know from from stem yeah provincial spritz for michael. And the red wine for me. And we’ll be sharing a cheese board young perfect french treat microfilming is gentleman’s a genius beautiful lighting is amazing we’re just finishing our cappuccinos. I was. So sleepy. And and it took a Patino’s for nine-year-old. And it’s more to get wine we would pay to ninety. So cup of tea is almost twice as expensive. And this is almost sunset right now we’re just walking around by the by the board main boardwalk it’s a little gloomy today. So there won’t be any proper sunset but it’s nice you know we’re just chilling. I wish. I think, I’m just going to jump into the ocean at a little bit. So relaxing. So great evil sign evil flying crepe there’s a lot of them tel involved. So it’s almost like it’s broken one scintilla grandma near this banana they’re all sweet making them come before finishing our day was thinner michael order comes carbonara, I’m going to pop your egg yolk service. And I’m just going to sell it yeah goodbye BAE. And these must be tomorrow. I mean we just came to the beach with Michael for a morning swim. And maybe some photos for creative spaces solely for quarters because that would be otherwise sweeping. And enjoying my very comfortable bed but you know. I want to come early in the morning because the light is nice as per usual yeah this is very painful. I have to where. I stole these from my mom because this is this is a little painful for your feet. And it goes all the way into the water those are beautiful. So we made it to Monte Carlo this is the main casino right here it’s So beautiful. And nothing but fancy cars. I feel like we’re just going to grab lunch later on here because it’s So lovely. I imagine will be super expensive.

So look at these hotels. I mean. So much money increase look at her beautiful dress looks amazing everyone looks very fancy yeah open a two casino. And look at the little cloud where you can see the mountains around us always blows my mind whenever we show up in a new location. And different link reward road to work. And stuff like that look at that. So we’re underneath us the building a residential building in a tunnel. And underneath the building in a tunnel you have a roundabout with like monitors of letting you know where you going. And it’s like all happening like huge traffic greedy. And that’s the Europe it’s a year of hotel that’s the Monica Flags this is funny with these trees. I was showing it before this is a boat slash restaurant slash probably hotel maybe not very impressed took a look. And down there to. And the famous the Montecarlo marina which is. I can’t even imagine how much it costs to park your boat right here but, I’m sure you have to be a multi-billionaire to be able to afford it basically where. I was thinking photos two minutes ago. And as it usually happens when. I finish taking photos. I get a bunch of people haha Texas is name photo. So look how great these posts you can see they’re Rocky Mountain you can see the monocle flag you can see the restaurant now almost mean to Mike one Lum. And I’m really loving this part. And that’s the hotel we saw just remember from perspective super cool oh yes um. And now. I think we’re going to head to Starbucks because it looks like the clothes Starbucks out there plus it started to rain. So totally best Starbucks ever did you think yeah. So I figure it reminds we’ll just have a coffee. And wait out the rain looks like it’s gonna pour. I love this car. So cute super we move to the other part of Monaco December out the parking lot. And look at the view from the parking lot nothing but the Mediterranean Sea. And sailboats in the background sailing. And we’re walking to the palace right now. And famous monarch malleus. And also to nificant this comes raining before but the weather just got. So perfect it’s crazy.

So beautiful. So this is the Museum right here the entire city. So cute. I mean this is construction. So disregard that part but we could see stairs every building is like perfect every street is perfect it’s like just what you expect fancy dresses. And in the store it’s quiet And So many people. And if there are people there Torres. And as you can see feels very dead this guy’s perfect everything’s perfect amazing it feels like Disneyland look where we got what a view girls. And boys ladies. And gentlemen this looks amazing. I could have you look where we got Wow holy moly oh my goodness this is. So damn pretty. So nice bled this entire YouTube post we just at different angles of this viewpoints it’s unbelievable. So right behind that’s itas right there that’s where, I’m going but on our way we saw this. And I was like there’s no way first of all take a look of how many people live here. And then how many bows they’re here. And how pretty this is. So European like. I love it oh. I want to live in a place where like pink buildings. And orange buildings are gonna look. So cute the street, I’m going to zoom in like an amateur photographer. Because I want you to really see it. So they aren’t cute. I am now looking for my mom somewhere in between these buildings. I bet she’s in there. So bring your section. And she sure is alright. So we’re going to go for some ice cream. And paradise. I think mom wants the maple walnut. I want to try to pair survey which sounds amazing or lemon sorbet actually like surveys a lot we just bought ice cream. And it started to rain like crazy look at that ten minutes later it’s sunny again loving these streets with their MP we arrived in our beautiful hotel here in cons. And look how pretty lovely well. I look after the or a second traffic. And took forever to get coupons but we are here right now it’s super windy. And we’re looking for a place for dinner. I wish was more interactive. And I’ve been asking only stories of where to have dinner. I hope that we’ll be somewhere fun. And delicious we make what we made it to the restaurant area right here. So many places to choose from look entire street it’s actually my favorite time of the day when is the time the Sun is already down let’s see where we can eat it looks like a lot of pizza places culture let’s see what we can aim for sucks salad because a mushroom risotto we could salmon here with green peas. And some we got a very revealing risotto with shrimp YUM well, I’m just shopping finishing my blog with shopping. And svet MPM. And I love these shoes to euro. But I have similar from Zara for like. And they’re not as comfortable. And these are like. And comfortable. And they seem very comfortable well. I don’t know wife ones maybe what one.

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