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Wedding vows for I wondered how any of them could survive. The trains too had their charm, with people crammed inside and hanging out of windows and doors like bunches of grapes, to say nothing of the freeloaders taking a free ride up on top. It dawned on me that the Guardian Angels of this country must be the busiest Angels in the whole world trying to keep their charges alive. Ironically, this would be the place where I would be drawn into a spiritual world. Once I settled in to my new life in Dhaka, my lifestyle became similar to the one I had enjoyed in Africa; a constant round of receptions, bridge games and tennis tournaments. During the afternoons I either played tennis or modeled for friends who organized fashion shows. Mornings were devoted to painting, my other passion, as I had decided to prepare an art exhibition and had begun to paint canvases and sketch charcoal drawings. Wedding vows 2016.

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