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Wedding ideas for One prominent case came to light in the fall of 2012, when the Roshi (master) in Whither Koans, or Wither? 171 question was already 105 years old. Th e Roshi was accused by numerous parties of taking advantage of some of his female disciples during their private koan interview sessions over the course of thirty years. Apparently, the Roshi had designed a special kimono for women to wear during this practice that allowed him easy access to grab and grope under the banner of addressing their doubt syndromes. In a New York Times article about this scandal, a longtime male practitioner and apologist for the Roshi claimed: What’s important and is overlooked is that, besides this aspect, Roshi was a commanding and inspiring fi gure using Buddhist practice to help thousands fi nd more peace, clarity and happiness in their own lives. It seems to be the kind of thing that, you get the person as a whole, good and bad, just like you marry somebody and you get their strengths and wonderful qualities as well as their weaknesses. Can the scars from the actions the Roshi committed over many years be rationalized in this manner, especially when we consider that he was by no means the only teacher who took advantage of his position of authority and power? In Korea, a rise in the popularity of Zen over the past de cade or so has brought formerly isolated Korean Buddhism much closer to everyday life through meditation retreats, recreational yoga, or templestay programs, which are now a familiar routine in the lives of many people within and outside Korea. However, a recent scandal involving gambling Buddhist monks erupted at a diffi cult time for the proponents who were spreading Korean Buddhism globally. Wedding ideas 2016.

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