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By actually it’s the afternoon we we decided to holiday other times we have been just planning or doing things we thought let’s just do much of you on a holiday which is nothing really allows you by the pool yeah exactly. But I have a top tip for you guys I’ve learned one thing since coming to Greece pack sunscreen yesterday when we went on our ATV riding I came home to this can you see it anymore Bobby. But it is now what three yeah wow this is a late start of the post. But we need something to eat. So we’ve decided we’re going to go, and try, and find a nice place to eat, and we saw a lot of little restaurants along like the old port which is right along the border or take you guys there, and hopefully we can find like a cheap leafy it does in Greece you need the gyros we object I still can’t get over the location of this hotel literally that is the reception every time I walked out, I’m like oh my gosh the during the day once everyone opens up you get all cute little stores everywhere probably what you can find most of your little Greek trinkets around, and some clothes just as how to I up on five like a few little outfits, and I feel like when we return to Mykonos she’s probably going to want to be.

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So lovely. So this is old port, and if you come here you’ll just see a whole bunch of restaurants, and cafes, and I think the one we want to go to is just over here I think this is a spot we haven’t eaten here yet. But the menu looks cheap another day another grease diver guys I know on the health scale that probably isn’t the best for you. But on the yum scale that is one contract event is the best for you. So I’ve just finished packing. Because tomorrow we’re actually going back to Athens we are single by two. Because for now we will return.

But at the moment a very special someone is currently in a plane, and we’re going to be seeing them tomorrow morning and, I’m so excited the Steven I just realized that tonight is the last night that it is just going to be the two of us we’ve decided height is date night we’re going to go out for dinner this is our last night young listen off, and I think just found a good spot what do you reckon sure now the Sun is just starting to set it’s a beautiful Saturday a little cutie heard I ordered some fish for dinner I know I know hey buddy we had to get a Greek salad in Greece Catherine for our appetizers this is our first time trying to better, and always angry Oh nobody we get way excited over like the local food well the smells amazing guys got some fish wrapped around some prawns with some sauce on there hello this is just gin the gold I just can’t get over the the Sun just set before in a beautiful Greek fashion it’s good we need to step it up to heaven or something it’s date night not last meal before death row oh yeah I needed what my what opossite we do not see. So poor we’ve been under a while, and a session someone lands in less than an hour literally waiting right next to the arrival gate for a special, and we really pretty naughty this cafe doesn’t do the better coffee we’re gonna got the competitors coffee business places, and eating area okay yeah okay then find out so much all right guys it’s been quite a few hours since we last saw you we’ve got to check clear into her Airbnb she’s like literally two streets down the road from us, and if you wanted to see her perspective of flying over here for everything Vitor I will link her blog below. So you guys can check it out. So you can kind of see what it’s like I don’t behind-the-scenes of flying the nest if you wanted to call of that. But we’re just checking into our hotel we’re staying a little bit closer to the Acropolis this time we are at plucker hotel which is actually the sister hotel that other hotels data, and 607. So this is our room for the next couple of days we’re going to be taken up a few places. But we wanted to be extra close to the Acropolis, I’m extra closely clear yes like a hurry fellas very close to it clear if any, and I see we have about me the this project propolis is on the other side of the hotel.

But I heard the views from the roof oh yes they got another rooftop bar we’re going to say that the views from the roof are even better than the other retails. But can we speed up the business. But Isis guys I just love the coloring of the building it definitely reminds me of Europe got a white one just here. But it’s this colors that like define Athens I think Mykonos is all about the white you really want like these colors here, and we have quite a few ruins just around like we are in the central hub we saw like universities, and like the market, and shops like that. But um yeah we are self is freshen up tell me that we clear some lunch oh, and we might do a livestream after lunch as well it is some day, and we realize we’re meant to do lighting is a 10:00 a.m..

But we’re on the wrong time zone yes we need 3 p.m. at this time if you guys ever want to watch a live stream. But clearly two univariate lag we’ve been offering for like a mess okay yeah, and I just show you guys the bathroom. So you got a nice bar you have a shower just over yes. So showers gonna bar yeah it’s kind of good this is the area that we’re saying in this is a street that armor day is the armor I know no glue will illustrate the actually Lincoln area it’s in the pocket area, and just look at just how ancient this looks it looks. So called are some shops here as well I think this is my favorite area in Athens that we’ve seen.

So far yeah like look up there. So cool hey girl guys realize Cleo’s adding B has like a stack of 50 postcards you know take ten of them, and give them away on the live stream. So hopefully you guys watch the live stream you’re getting at Chris cartoon. So you can go to our Facebook page, and direct message up your name, and your address the first time people can get a little post a Lamar with some state clear to a first taste of great food our favorite things she’s already watch the globe all right clear yeah I know her was weird Rajan – yeah oh good asshole talk to Vicki for who you he hubba-hubba kitty-kitty.

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