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Washington Subway Map on Bernard Henry Barney Kroger (18601938), the son of German immigrants, began selling groceries in Cincinnati as a door-to-door salesman for the Great Northern and Pacific Tea Company. After flourishing for several years, Kroger noticed that his sales were dropping and traced the problem to the store-owner cutting quality while continuing to charge full price for inferior goods. This experience taught Kroger that people could not be fooled by food and that goods must be priced in keeping with the level of their quality. These principles would shape the course of his career. In 1883, Kroger joined with a friend to open the Great Western Tea Company and offered about 300 items, typical for a grocery of that day. He soon gained a reputation for being a demanding buyer who pretested his products to guarantee the quality of the goods. Kroger bought out his partner in 1884 and began to expand into new locations. Washington Subway Map 2016.

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