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On 13 October they again took up the charge against Dioscorus, who was unanimously condemned and declared deposed. On 17 October they returned to the discussion of doctrine: they solemnly confirmed the Nicene Creed of 325, completed by that of Constantinople of 381, Cyril’s letters to Nestorius only the second and John of Antioch of 433, and Leo’s Tome; and rejected objections put forward by Egyptian bishops and monophysite monks. Juvenal of Jerusalem and the other accused bishops went over to the majority, abandoning Dioscorus to his fate. Washington Subway Map The doctrinal question was resumed amid great difficulties on 22 October, and after laborious discussions a new formula was approved: influenced by both the formula of union of 433 and by Leo’s Tome, it was dyophysite in approach and proclaimed that in Christ, in a single prosopon and a single hypostasis, the divine and human natures coexist, entire and complete, without mixture, transformation, separation or division, so that Christ is consubstantial with the Father according to his divinity and consubstantial with us according to his humanity. On 25 October this formula was solemnly promulgated in Marcian’s presence. In subsequent sittings, Theodoret of Cyrrhus and Ibas of Edessa, condemned at Ephesus in 449, were restored, and problems over the relations between the different Eastern patriarchates were discussed. It was in this context that can. 28 was approved, which confirmed that Constantinople, the new Rome, took second place after Rome, despite the protests of the Roman delegates, to whom the ranking seemed detrimental to effective Roman primacy: in fact Leo would not subscribe to this canon. On these discussions the council closed, 1 November, once more in the emperor’s presence.

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