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Washington metro map for When Moshan opens the dialogue with the standard query, Where have you come from? which refers not so much to geography or place as to psychology or state of mind, the monk replies with a pun on the name of his hometown. She responds with a sarcastic put- down resembling the approach of Zen grannies in other cases. Th e monk tries a comeback by making a pun on Moshan’s name, and she responds with an affi rmation of transcendence of gender diff erentiation while making an ironic repudiation of fox imagery. Th e reference to the fox alludes to a famous story in the Lotus Sutra of a dragon princess who is able to change her sexual identity in order to prove her enlightenment, but this ability in the end only highlights her nonhuman or supernatural status. Moshan, on the other hand, seeks to demonstrate that her accomplishments are not based on a display of magical skills. Yet this denial is made possible by virtue of widespread belief in the powers of shape- shift ing animal spirits. In the end, the monk submits to Moshan and works for her, at least for a few years. Washington metro map 2016.

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