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Washington, D.C. for g. Morrison a and for whom behaviour change is crucial. It is also important to address whether sexual partners are long-term or casual, as this will also affect real and possibly perceived risk as well as, potentially, attitudes towards the need for, and importance of, safe sex’. These factors are likely to influence whether or not the issue of using condoms is raised with a potential partner. It has been suggested that for some individuals the non-use or the use of condoms is less governed by intention and by implication the cognitive processes that the TPB claims precede intention than by habit, and, as such, interventions should be targeted very early in a sexual career so as to facilitate the development of safer sex’ habits cf. Yzer et al Limitations of the TPB n The TPB also true for the TRA does not acknowledge the potential transaction between the predictor variables attitudes and subjective norms and the measured outcomes, i.e. Washington, D.C. 2016.

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