It is and, I have four minutes to make it to my grandma’s place it is possible we’re executing Lee exactly minutes away say four minutes right and because today’s my girl’s birthday and in minutes to jambe and my flight was delayed. So wasn’t able to arrive late at night to wish her a happy birthday. So now the whole family is like keeping grandma awake and my parents are driving me super fast. I can make it before her birthday passes through Ilsa three minutes left and it’s like the longest red light ever come on realize. I like such a small street. I keep your fingers crossed that, I’m going to make it still for my grandma’s birthday see like you see the grandma two minutes holy moly you haven’t seen is when you are you peanut butter konichiwa me hi this is mommy are you good boy are you good puppy. So look who came Holly came hi Nia butter good morning a little tired but, I’m taking my beautiful year old grandma now now she’s yesterday Oh yesterday she was but today she’s and one day old and we’re going to hairdresser they’ll come at about the negative um yeah Kozik are you recording us say how surprised you are last night when.


I came no, I’m. So bored a movie. I took grandma bought my rock star like timing with all the flights but now we’re going to heard restaurant getting like a girl’s outing getting a blow dry can be fun this is where we going with my grandma and grandmas already that’s off you go to grandmother’s like later. So honesty game Dallas is just to walk over you did you know yeah holy moly it’s captain over into the cafeteria my own drawbacks and, I don’t think my all others are going to have that other dishes with oh my grandma’s party turned out to be afraid. Because I wasn’t recording to the boring family stuff and now, I’m meeting with my good friends my bit beast and we’re going out this is where is it building one of the main buildings can water deposits coach inside and, I think we should boys that would actually the nice deal but see ok this beautiful bear all alright she’s my favorite travel blogger in Poland and probably in the world Anya and unawares and we’re celebrating please he’s awesome if you’re not following her yet and missing out on life thank you thank you. I look at our review here yeah excuse them soon okay. So, I’m wearing white light fluffy jacket wearing my life why black fluffy jackings rainy gray mimics to me. So we can show the the code things going on to summer and license oh yes this way the other young And So this is what we look like either ah let’s go heading to another destination, I’m trying to convince my other Anja to use Instagram word and ah yeah that’s here viola do you like better does the perfect lumi light for like preference over here. I am posting on snapchat okay good what she’s making fun of me you can’t making fun of me Polly say, I’m hungry in Texas you’re gonna look at that sleepy face there huh, I’m just about to go for a run because it’s kind it’s like beautiful it’s like chilly but the Sun is out it’s very rare that the Sun is in Warsaw these are my experience and, I like to a fort run whenever you know it’s good for hangover. I mean a beautiful fatigue in a jet lag Oh last night was. So much fun with my girlfriends through just the most amazing and, I really wish. I had them with me you know hey because they’re. So so amazing And So powerful when the way they live their lives and they’re really want to make the most out of their talent but they’re considerate and they’re loving and they want to be good people as well.

So I realized them from the bottom of my heart. I really wish that a lot of people have such empowering friends like Red Room in their lives. I really hope you have someone like this in your life too because it’s absolutely amazing yeah been around alright. So now we’re talking more running back beautiful sunny day in Warsaw this is fo’c’sle streets one of the main streets for restaurants here and more. So and we’re just about to get some coffee and some lunch with my mom and my sister and, I want to share how beautiful this palace of mine you’re ready sir Sun restaurant here it’s very French and, I really like the design it puts the PS. So a little hunger to the appetite when those things. So we can put this is the windows and mighty see my older sister no means a longer sweater is extra very warm my mom is she’s like mommy honey before. I take the photo and show you what it is this is Eggs Benedict polyforum they might back me penetrate and open information here. So we’re fighting here with my sister questions, I’m impressed and, I want the opening my slice hahaha nice screen absolutely Thank You mobility senator language into ice cream place later on. I select Nigel ice cream for you choose a flavor is there. So these are convenience this is your base you choose whatever you want take your ice cream with and they freeze it for you too sexy like super fresh hoping healthy very healthy place changes how much of a my new mascara wands were reposed on my mom’s face matcha or coconut this two of my favorite things in the world is going to be hard to share something, I’m going for much of my money once again.

I got a doctor what. I was gonna do get something matcha much coconut yes amazing exchange my job much ice cream delicious looks like it my first Mexican item in a while and, I think the very first of my sister and you like the flavors like the crunchiness that. I didn’t have any super added hormones and and restless eyes a few nutritional experts Aguila go veggie goggles and three yes please we’re at a penny for here and little candy what upon the hedges looking get an ice cream guys and, I can’t just store. I my sister loves that kind of crap she’s got a frog riri-chan. I would like to put a lot of your show people know like an actual frog. I mean it’s missing an arm and a leg literally what else would you get Cooper Paul bottle all the spaces like the number one vessel in Cisco accommodation it reasonably just like strange you got a brain cook all bottle a frog and she’s. I know huh get hard as they say, I’m on a waffle my sister Anna get another Polish suburb here called the mucosal you just went for a walk less parents. I mean we didn’t have a nap and now we’re left at parents and we’re meeting about the restaurants close by. So just walking to the restaurant and they are yeah they’re just going to drive they don’t like walking. But I needed to all cuz, I’m eating. So much in Poland that it would be great for me to just get some air and the Sun is out and it’s like, I’m just thinking and, I haven’t been back to Europe and spring and eight years and it’s So different experience Springs like it feels like spring gets called but it’s kind of chilly and the Sun is out it’s like. So pretty. So yeah, I’m really enjoying it and, I missed it. I never sit oh. So cold they’re like real trees in the table. I love it. So this is a really good idea. So you choose your pizza your sauce your spices your meat sir your protein and veggies and they have to make it for you and say four positive elements after we go – oh wow baby training outside good morning from another day my last day in Poland, I were going to the gym with my sister oh yeah because of the gloomy. I want to move around energy remember no because it’s cold it’s So close today.

I’ll go with a funny James Cook huh fitness inspiration funny this is the pool by the way crazy man crazy gonna my trainer for today my sister reading me some sweating in this tension karna thumb over the top and there he’s been with like this funny my sister makes me. So tired of the different crazy, I’m having to be doing my friend up you know tell bloggers Anna and you can have a put some YouTube posts because this gets. So dark come seeing it right now. I think it’s my color beautiful a how are we learning from the best hey good job. So finished recording our YouTube post and my grandma’s like my grandma’s right there huh and this beautiful amazing soul and, I’m going out to find your worst self who want to challenge free both dudes oh you’re funny alright we’re gonna taxi with what on our finish we’re at seven second challenge that’s supposed to be my Anna Mike tell sue and we’re just overing with the ring lights like typically hashtag blogger problems or bloggers life and, I’m told you in love with her jacket and we’re all like looking for matching like the wide squad she totally was impaired she’s like Oh and it’s like. I have better friends on my phone then you Susan oh come on but totally mum’s white squad. So now my sister my clearance at a vegan restaurant be trying to sacrifice for me understand why don’t you need and my mother’s a good Cormac was born and my dad is a lot of great sport about it that is a little bit mr. born now that maybe you’ll like it and this is my tumeric nothing with soy milk and beautiful like edible flowers beautiful it’s nothing that sweater this is that was chosen for the sweater and this is in my suit has she passed you paid whatever it’s called beautiful and this is my original peanut. I adopted Holly when. I first moved to LA in but a coin keeper because those into Australia and traveling around the world.

So I just left to remove my pants this is my chair insult and she loves Poland gypsies are collecting it my love my last hours in Warsaw and it’s one of these evenings around fully ignoring the weather outside or hockey right now and decided to wear whatever. I had planned in LA when. I was Wario some agencies on my amazing outfit of the circus with most amazing Cinderella shoes and the to do as scared and a person calls on the wearing stockings in it it’s cold. I don’t even know how cold it is but it’s definitely too posed to wear sandals. I like through it it’s my last night and, I want to look nice to be with my friends. So here it is they’re all here. So, I’m going to be descending into a little idiom. I think very unhealthy lifestyle up every day and eating out like this after days because on my uncle got a little art grade and, I friendly and questions gonna pop up every time stuffing them. I do miss my enough time okay. So it’s it’s go free, I’m flying out in four four hours. I have an issue another one of my friends another Anna she’s an actress and intuition. I used to leaving away and, I miss you. So much guys yeah she’s she’s really cool and she’s like my elephant you know Sherman Oaks and when. I get is great and it’s not me that’s not her most of us. So she is my global kind of motivation self help but enough whole new level of what, I’m here to discovered and absolutely amazing in my inspiration about me yeah no she’s amazing it really is and really really good energy. So so yes. I have four more hours left on behalf of oil instead thing look at her outfit it’s amazing and she’s leaving okay. So this is this is awesome. So number one name in Poland is Anya her name is Anya. I know yours Anya, I’m Maggie. So yeah it is funny but they’re like amazing oh my god physical photo.

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