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Warsaw Metro Map on Throughout the preceding ages, it was the human hand that wielded the implement of production. There was, therefore, a close ceiling to the growth of productivity because it depended on the strength of the human hand and the quickness of the human eye. With the onset of large-scale factory production in capitalism, the implement of production was transferred into a machine, thereby opening up unprecedented possibilities of productivity growth. Now the speed with which the implement could be wielded was determined no more by the human hand, but by the development of science and its systematic application to machine design. Income inequality could therefore be expected to grow rapidly between industrialized and non-industrialized countries. The capitalist growth process had a tendency for continuous expansion due to its social organization of production: Individual capitalists (later managementcontrolled corporations) were pitted in competition with each other within a market framework, where survival required not only increasing profit but reinvesting it continuously. In the process of reinvestment, if profit was to increase, an increase in productivity had to be achieved. Warsaw Metro Map 2016.

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