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Warsaw Map Tourist Attractions on He grew up on a collective farm and was influenced by both of his grandfathers. One of them, a kulak (relatively prosperous peasant) taught him a work ethic; the other, a committed communist, helped form Gorbachev’s political outlook. Gorbachev distinguished himself early in life. While in high school he won the Hero of Socialist Labor award for his work as a tractor driver. This earned him a scholarship to the prestigious Moscow State University. Instead of studying engineering or some technical trade, a path to professional success that was quite popular at the time, Gorbachev studied law, receiving a degree in 1955. While in Moscow he married Raisa Maksimova Titorenko, a woman who would attract much attention in both the Soviet Union and abroad in the 1980s with her glamorous and sophisticated demeanor, a role quite unlike the usual wives of Soviet leaders, who kept low profiles in public life. Warsaw Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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