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The asceticalpenitential dimension was composed of fasts, vigils and prayers, various abstinences, confession of sins, and charity toward the poor. Everything was aimed at the fight against the devil and the reform of habits G. Cavallotto, Catecumenato, 275-277. A notable component of the liturgical dimension was the rite of exorcisms, Warsaw Map for the most part daily, the battle against Satan, and the gifts of God. Exorcisms were sometimes dramatic and followed the daily Lenten instruction addressed to all the faithful Aug., Serm. 216: the candidate, wearing only a gown, fasting, shivering from the night cold, unwashed, barefoot, on his knees, bows his head under the imprecations launched against the devil, and the exorcist breathes on his face V. Saxer, op. cit., 99. Augustine reminds the neophytes of the scene: You were as though ground up by the humiliation of the fast and by the sacrament of exorcism Serm. 227. For the West, Niceta of Remesiana tells of a solemn exorcism, i.e., the scrutinium, the rite of purification and examination, repeated three times at Milan and at Rome on the Sundays of Lent see V. Saxer, op. cit., 377. Toward the end of Lent, on different Sundays depending on the place, there was an explanation or traditio of the creed by the bishop, recited then by memory in public by the candidate redditio Eger., Peregr., 46; Aug., Conf. VIII, 2,5. Likewise, in various churches there was a handing over and return of the Our Father. This ended the preparation phase of the catechumenatediscipleship: the candidates were now initiated into the mysteries.

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