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Warm vacation spots for In extreme cases the effect can result in a boost of more than magnitudes, as happened when Comet Skjellerup- Maristany had a phase angle of degrees on December , Due to forwardscattering, Comet McNaught in January was boosted by ? magnitudes and so became visible during the daytime ig and Comet Tebbutt in became so bright that it cast shadows on the walls of Athens Observatory at night. FIG Comet McNaught C/ P seen from Lawlers Gold Mine in Western Australia on January , Image credit Sjbmgrtl/Wikimedia Commons. Where a comet is on the other side of Earth from the perspective of the Sun or the other side of the Sun from the perspective of Earth, the light that it gives off is backscattered, that is, relected back off the larger dust particles. When such a comet is positioned at an angle close to the Sun-Earth axis a phase angle of between degrees and , it will experience a brightness boost of up to magnitude. Another factor affecting a comet’s apparent brightness is that the more extended the coma is, the larger the surface area is over which its brightness is distributed. All other things being equal, this means that the larger a coma is, the duller it will appear. For any object to be visible in the night sky or the day sky, it must be brighter than the sky. Warm vacation spots 2016.

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