Wales City

Wales City for The forces of rodction are the material and social conditions that allow s to rodce or 146 thinking olitics means of sbsistence The forces of rodction inclde the means of rodction, that is, the raw materials and technology at hand, as well as the mode of rodction, also known as the relations of rodction, which refers to the social organization of labor The mode of rodction is the economic strctre nder which eole make their livings The mode of rodction changes over time, synchronized with the technological develoment of the means of rodction With changes in the means and mode of rodction come changes in the social and olitical vales and beliefs that the means and mode of rodction create as ideological sorts At certain oints in history, as technological innovation means of rodction roceeds aace, the economic strctre mode of rodction fails to kee The vales, beliefs, and social relations that isse from this economic strctre aear increasingly njst Wales City 2016

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