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Kitzbiihel is a typical Tyrolean village and famous international resort. Note the “onion” tower, typical of Byzantine influence and pensions abound. One of the best pensions is a castle where the paying guest may have every comfort. Some of the places of interest to see are the Church of St. Andreas and the Frauenkirche. You should take a side trip to the Kitzbuehler Horn and to Fieberbrunn, where there are a health spring and peasant festivals. The shops of Kitzbuehel are extremely interesting. It has been said of Kitzbuehel that despite its yearly influx of nobility and celebrities, the natives have remained unspoiled.
Sfyria,  The southernmost province, of which Graz is the capital, is surnamed “the green state” for its beautiful wooded countryside. Here the peasants and the visitors wear the Styrian gray and green hunting suits and the Styrian version of the dirndl, most popular in Austria. Alt Aussee is the perfect place to stay. Bad Aussee, the larger center, is lovely with its white-faced, dark-timbered houses with balconies covered with beautiful flowers. Life here is lived and also ended with a great deal of ceremony. An Aussee funeral is a sight to see, with the glass and ebony, the plumes, and horses with their gleaming silver harnesses. There are well-known hotels here , such as the Post. Go to Alt Aussee and take a room at the Hotel Am See with a balcony overlooking the lake. While having breakfast watch the Dachstein glacier with the strange glints of morning light. Go canoeing on the lake and watch it (you can almost taste the ice from the glacier). You should take a brine bath into which will have been dropped a few thimblefuls of strong pine oil for an exhilarating feeling. Near Aussee is Bad Ischl and the famous Salzkammergut lakes, easily reached from Salzburg.
Carinthia : Like Styria, the Province of Carinthia is also located in the southern part of Austria to the west of Styria, bordering Italy. Carinthia’s Woerthersee is Austria’s best-known summer resort. It is a country with beautiful lakes and mountains, and because of its location south of the main alpine region spring comes earlier and fall lasts much longer. Lake bathing is possible from middle of May until middle of October. Carinthia has excellent winter-sport resorts also, such as Kanzelhoehe, famous for its perfect snow and many hours of sunshine. The highlight of Carinthia is Velden on Woerthersee, known all over Europe. It is a picturesque lake resort with first-class hotels (the Schloss is one of the best in Austria), an interesting program of social entertainment, including champion waterskiing. There are flower festivals, corsos, international dancing competitions, boat races, etc. At Velden, Poertschach or Klagenfurt you can swim, sail, water ski, play tennis or golf to your heart’s content. One of the few golf courses in Austria is located in Poertschach, a fifteen-minute drive from Velden. Another most interesting aspect of Carinthia are the many castles. The ideal castle tour is from Klagenfurt via Hochosterwitz  the old walled town of Friesach and the ancient town ‘of Gurk.
Sightseeing Along the Danube : The First Vienna Danube Steamship Company provides during the summer months regular steamship service along the beautiful river Danube. The most beautiful stretch winds through the romantic “Wachau” valley, which is a famous attraction especially at blossomtime. However, due to the fast current, it is recommended to take this trip only down-stream.
SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have time to visit more than the principal tourist spots described here or if you wish to pursue any special interest, you would do well to contact the office of the Austrian State Tourist Department located at 11 East 52nd Street, New York 22, New York. There are also offices in London, Paris and Rome. Every city and resort in Austria has its Fremdenverkehrsverein (local tourist office) where all information, folders, maps, etc., may be procured. The hotels and travel agencies will also be helpful to tourists. Just ask your hotel porter for any tickets you may want for special events. You’ll find he can even handle your ski-lift tickets so you won’t have to wait in line on crowded week ends. Tourist information of all kinds as well as tickets for cultural and sports events, exhibitions, fairs and so forth are also available through the Oesterreichisches Verkehrsbuero Friedrichstrasse 7, Vienna 1, or through the Cosmos Travel Agency, Kaerntnerring 15, Vienna 1. Pan American’s offices are at Kaerntnerring 5, Vienna 1 (Tel. 445631) and Makartplatz 1, Salzburg (Tel. 3581).

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