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Visiting china for In conclusion, we ind the hypothesis that lunar occultations of Jupiter in Aries explain the mystery of the Star seen by the Magi to be extremely problematic. Nova or Supernova Hypothesis A nova is a massive nuclear explosion or eruption of a still-white-hot, old, dying star called a white dwarf. To put it in simple terms, many stars exist in pairs or binary systems, consisting of a relatively cool star and a white dwarf. In some cases the white dwarf may draw gases such as hydrogen and helium from the surface of its companion star ig. These gases, which accumulate in a layer around the white dwarf’s surface, are subject to intense compression and heating. In due course there is a great nuclear reaction on the white dwarf that blasts the gases from its surface. This causes a very bright explosion of light that brightens the star by some ? magnitudes , times over the space of a few days or weeks to put that into perspective, the Sun is about magnitudes or , times brighter than the full Moon. Visiting china 2016.

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