I used to work for my last full-time job before becoming a full-time blogger and it’s called to the official entrance for folks and that’s my work ah, I’m coming to visit my old friends from the TV series like a debacle and called the Dimmick and they’ve been shooting their first exam for six months now and, I haven’t come back to say hello but it must every long because this is very destructive. But I want to tell you my story. So let’s start over again is it ain’t folks to do States to work here on the pilot and now.

I was to be a director’s assistant and now this girl is doing my job way better than. I do way better and yeah it’s just showing me around. So this is where all the stars and actors are hanging out and we gonna go on stage and see what they’re filming whoo exciting and the back door ooh the entry has destroyed post written someone decided to go but she its takers lasse on set ollie is one of the producers executive producers he’s a very yeah it’s super important then you have the writers right behind me they’re kind of crazy, I’m in the parking lot of folks posts but after visiting my friends and, I’m gonna get changed into my beautiful dress for the amazing dollar. But I just picked up from the right here, I’m gonna get dressed get change in the parking lot that’s very classy but good.


I do what you got to do that is very some very fancy posh. So this is very appropriate outfit it’s great Nana have to walk in the rain but it’s like old Oh my hair is but three show the birdies coming up next Joe hurry the red carpet this lighting fixture on the bed before getting into you weird when you actually know what are you definitely think oh. I travel and, I encourage people it’s awesome okay all right can’t be average time to go to some more fun party water that was way in Ketchel a it was. So funny. Because I was trying to take some Instagram photos. So first of all. I was thought about by Wilson and then Michael is trying to do a boomerang and the elevator and Tobey Maguire comes up and she wants to get to the elevator and, I was like no we’re getting this boring photo and oh yeah paparazzi’s asking who was in there oh no no one yeah he’s like no no you should go go go for it you should do your boomerang thing and he’s like staring and you know like a little bit of camera shy not only because of camera but because of Tobey Maguire staring at me as, I’m trying to do some silly thing with the elevator which you are just about to watch and you’d be like oh my god this is funny yeah that’s a post hey you basically run into people constantly but it was fun it was. I really liked it did you like it there. I thought was awesome cuz it was like a lot of fancy people and, I don’t like like harsh places but this was like beautiful oh we gotta put it again, I’m gonna pretty good good. So except for a bunch of paper parking crap those are an expensive night see.

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